This Caracas Gastronomic Guide is much more than just gastronomic. It also includes a series of new options to provide the reader with a wide vision of all the best the city has to offer when it comes to fun.

Besides restaurants, you will also find information on cafes, delicatessen, food delivery services, particular chefs, gastronomic insitutes, night clubs, ice cream shops as well as addresses of cinemas, theaters, museums, art galleries and places to visit.

This guide has been conceived as a useful and practical tool with the most important information you need at the time of choosing where to eat, where to go dancing or meeting friends; in a word, where to have fun.

It includes the Metropolitan Area of Caracas, Los Teques, the Litoral Central and the Colonia Tovar.

The selection has been carried out following an informative criteria and all types of establishments have been listed here, from the most luxurious to the most modest, as long as they have something specific to offer.

DESCRIPTION: Entries have the name appearing first, then the points awarded in accordance with the criteria for selection. This is followed with a section dedicated to the address, telephone, web site, e-mail address, type of cuisine, days when closed, credit cards accepted, facilities for parking, price category, reservations, and any other pertinent information. If data about any of the aforementioned items does not appear, this means that the service is not offered. For example; if parking lot does not appear, it is because the restaurant does not have parking facilities.

Following this, there is a brief description to inform the reader about what type of place it is. If a locale has earned an evaluation, comments about those elements which have been considered for such a classification are included.

AWARDING OF POINTS: The Editorial Committee of the guide has established a value system. The evaluated restaurants, cafes, and delicatessens, have been judged according to their quality, obviously, but also in virtue of other factors such as relation between quality and price, some specific points of interest about their cooking, values of authenticity or consistency, special details which make a difference, etc. You will find here not just “sacred” sites, but also those which have something of particular interest which makes them worth visiting.

Each locale is evaluated within its category.

Home-delivery services, fast food, gastronomic institutes and nightclubs do not carry a rating. The descriptions are given simply as a reference.

The following classification symbols have been used:

Very Good

We use this symbol to indicate places that, despite the rating given, stand out from other places in their category and are worthy of special recommendation: be it for service, price, or any other outstanding feature.

PRICE: The price factor is an element which acquires more importance every day, here and throughout the world. The most costly is not always necessarily the best. With this in mind, as with other pointers, we have also included this element in the information for each establishment.
A concept of the average price per person has been established. This price is for food only for a normal lunch or dinner of three dishes: appetizer, main dish, and dessert. Not included are the price of wine, liquor, service charge, tips, or tax.
In view of the fluctuations of the currency, the following nomenclature has been used for better understanding.

Económico $ Menos / Under $ 5
Moderado $$ $ 5 - 15
Alto $$$ $ 15 - 25
Costoso $$$$ $ Más / Over $ 25
(*) Sin bebidas/Without

CREDIT CARDS: Each day, the use of credit cards is more frequent for paying bills in restaurants. However, not all establishments use this method and, in many cases, some only accept certain cards.

This information is indicated with the following abbreviations: American Express, AE; Diners, D; MasterCard, MC; Visa, V.

DELICATESSEN: We include a list of the main delicatessens in the city, presented by alphabetical order. Their characteristics, specialties, exclusivity, closing days and other facilities are also listed.

DELIVERY SERVICES: We include a selection of some of the principal food delivery services as well as chefs who offer their service to individuals.
No rating.

FAST FOOD: We include a selection of some of the principal fast food services and they’re address.
No rating.

GASTRONOMIC INSTITUTES: We include a selection of the gastronomic intitutes in Caracas.
No rating

NIGHT CLUBS: We include a selection of the main discos, bars and dancing spots in the city together with their characteristics and the kind of fun offered.
No rating.

CINEMAS, THEATERS, MUSEUMS, ETC...: We also include a listing with the name, address and telephone number of the main cinemas, theaters, museums, art galleries, cultural centers, concert halls, and places to visit in town. This will allow the reader to inform himself on the film, play or exhibition of the moment. Because this is an annual guide, it is impossible to list accurately the daily activities offered by each of these places.

THE NEW ONES: In order to make things easier for the reader to access information, we have created a directory where we included the new restaurants incorporated to this edition.

OBSERVATIONS: The information listed here was reconfirmed by our editing team in the last trimester of 2009. Any alteration occurred during or after the printing process is beyond our wishes. In the final pages you will find a section for special notes for each reader to write and keep his own up-to-date observations.

COMMENTS: We invite you to send us your comments about this guide or about any particular establishment. Contact us

WARNING: The inclusion and mention of the establishments in this guide are absolutely free of charge. No advertising from any restaurant is accepted or included whether the establishment is mentioned in the guide or not.

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